Sebastien Michaelis (1567-1620)

Generated rendering of what Sebastien Michaelis possibly looked like

Sebastien Michaelis (1567-1620) is a prominent figure in demonology.

He was a French priest and author of the book “Demonolatry”, which discussed the hierarchy of demons. Sebastien had extensive knowledge on demonic powers, rituals, and remedies to protect against evil spirits. His work helped shape much of our understanding about demonology today, laying down the foundation for its study.

During an exorcism that took place in the early 1600s, a demon by the name of Berith revealed to Sebastien Michaelis a unique categorization of many types of demons. This classification is extremely similar to a classification that is used by the Angels who reside in the high heavens.

In 1613, Sebastien penned Marvelous History using the knowledge he had acquired up to that point. This categorization is derived from the Pseudo-Dionysian hierarchies, and it is organized in accordance with the sins that one is tempted by the devil to commit. It also contains the enemies of the demons (who suffered that temptation without falling).

Sebastien argued that demonology should be approached with caution since it could be easily abused by those seeking power without morality or ethical restraints. Sebastien ultimately sought to find a balance between faith and science in order to better understand the forces at play in our world.

His teachings contributed significantly to the field of demonology and remain an important source of knowledge today. Sebastien Michaelis is still revered by demonology enthusiasts as an important figure in the history of this ancient science.