Testament of Solomon

The Testament of Solomon: An Account of the Life of King Solomon

The Testament of Solomon goes into vast detail over the life of Solomon, appearing one thousand years after his death. It accounts how the Temple of Jerusalem came to completion.

Solomon devising the plans for the Temple of Jerusalem, as talked about in The Testament of Solomon.

The introduction to the Testament of Solomon consists of how Solomon gained his ability to manipulate a horde of demons. Solomon was given the ring that provided the source of his power by archangel Michael. The ring’s power came from the seal of God on it. It enables Solomon to command the demons with the use of this ring.

The story goes as follows:

The demon Ornias harasses a young man. He does this by stealing his money and sucking out of his life force. Solomon witnesses this, and he prays for help defeating the demon. He receives a ring from Michael, which he lends the young man.  The young man then throws the ring towards the demon. This stamps Ornias with the seal and brings him under the control of Solomon. Solomon then commands that Ornias take the ring and imprint the prince of demons, Beelzebub. He does this, and soon Beelzebub is under Solomon’s full control.

With the prince of demons under his command, Solomon can freely order all the demons. He uses this to his advantage, and he learns more about the demonic beings. Compiling their attributes in the Ars Goetia. Furthermore, he forces the demons to help build the Temple.

The text goes further in-depth about his life. As a result, it speaks often about the demons he encounters. Not only that, but it explains his downfall from God’s grace.

Solomon betrays from his faith due to his wanting and yearning for sexual gratification. He allows his wives to builds temples for other Gods. He also decides to sacrifice lotuses to Remphan and Moloch in exchange for sex with a woman he had fallen in love with. As a result, God takes away what he has given Solomon.

Through the course of his actions, he is foolish in the eyes of humans and demons. With his kingdom divided, never to be reunited again.

For this reason, Solomon warns the reader that someone should never abandon their beliefs.

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