Pat Reading Soul Possession

cottage-cityA mother from Litchfield, Connecticut, who, in the 80s, began showing signs of demonic possession, is particularly intriguing. Pat Reading had never previously been involved in any type of practice of the occult and had had no history of mental illness. For this reason, it was especially unsettling when she began hearing strange banging noises in her home, which shortly progressed to the overturning of furniture and violent attacks on her. Paranormal investigator John Zaffis, who recorded the events from the case, claims that hair was ripped right out of Pat’s scalp, and bite marks inexplicably appeared on Pat’s back.

A Catholic priest was called in to perform an exorcism, and all in all, sixteen were attempted, but to no avail. In fact, up until Reading died from colon cancer, she continued to suffer from the attacks. This has led Zaffis to conclude that Reading was a “soul victim” — a purely innocent individual never previously exposed to paranormal activity who somehow fell victim to an evil supernatural force.