Has anyone actually had sex with a demon?

It may seem strange to some but we’ve gotten reports of this phenomenon since before we even started the site. It’s asked us to pose the question to you… has anyone actually had sex with a demon?

As I laid in bed, waiting for my succubus to appear, my mind began to drift. I started to fantasize about her sweet and supple curves, her ruby red lips, and her grand wings. She had always approached me around bedtime, a small tingling feeling would course through my body, setting my senses on fire. Slowly, her touch began to become more and more real. This was the third night in a row that she had come to my bed. She was always utterly ravenous with lust; it was as if she could not get enough of me. We softly grinded on each other throughout the night, orgasm after orgasm; she never stopped, continuing even after I had passed out. I awoke the next morning for work, having to pry her off of me so that I could get ready. Ever since I performed the ritual and requested a demoness, I have been beyond satisfied every night. With each visit, we become more and more addicted to one another. I know that she is mine, and I am her’s, in this life and the next.

There are thousands of stories just like this one from all over the world. Some humans seek demon lovers. Others may be rejected by society at large, so demons seem like the only option. All the while some just want an inhuman lover. These particular kinds of demons are often called incubus or succubus. An incubus is a male demon; a succubus is a female demon. Sexual intercourse with these beings are reported with different experiences. Some claim it’s very unwanted and forced on them whereas some claim to seek out such an experience.

sex with a demon

Artist rendition of an incubus

If the relationship is violated by a human being, the partner of the human being may end up dead. Humans must keep in mind, that once a commitment is made it will last a lifetime and beyond. You are essentially selling your soul to have sex with a demon. A demonic partner will attempt to open your mind to increase your spiritual capability. Many reports claim that of those who attempt relationships with a succubus or incubus will no longer desire or be satisfied by emotional or sexual relationships with human beings.

This may seem strange to some but there are those who seek out sex with a demon. We’re not sure, really, the extent that this goes into worldwide but in general this is not recommended for anyone.

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