Next version of Demonicpedia due soon!

Hello loyal readers!

You may have noticed that some time ago I started testing out a new layout on the site, so far I think it’s done very well. It makes the content seem much more organized. “Thanks” to COVID-19 I have more time on my hands and have been prepping what I want the future of Demonicpedia to be like.

My hope is to have this a little like Buzzfeed, except we’ll keep and expand on the catalog of demonic beings. Quizzes and other fun things like that are for sure mapped out in the future.

I’m also, more than likely, turning the ads off of the site very soon. Right now they make enough to pay the hosting and domain fees but man are they ever annoying and not related to our content at all. We will eventually introduce a “store” feature as well as accept non-tax-deductable donations in an effort to not just keep the website alive but also help expand the content we offer.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re all staying safe and WASHING YOUR HANDS!

p.s. oh and a new commenting system cause gah this default one is not good.