The Cursed Cast and Crew of The Exorcist

The Exorcist is an iconic horror movie that has been beloved by many viewers since the film was released in 1973. But while most people know the plot and its connection to real-life events, few are aware of the eerie occurrences on set that lead some to believe that the cast and crew of The Exorcist were cursed. Let’s explore what happened on set and why many believe this to be true.

The Tragic Accidents On Set

The first incident happened when a fire destroyed much of the set, leaving only Regan’s bedroom intact. As if this wasn’t enough, one of the stars, Jack MacGowran (the role of Burke Dennings) died suddenly from flu-related complications shortly after filming his scenes. Then, Ellen Burstyn (the role of Chris MacNeil) injured her back during a scene where she was thrown across a room by an invisible force.

After shooting wrapped up, Max von Sydow (the role of Father Merrin) suffered a heart attack as well as Linda Blair (the role of Regan). To top it off, director William Friedkin also had several close calls with death while making The Exorcist.

The Paranormal Evidence

As if these tragic events weren’t enough, there have been reports from various sources claiming that they heard strange noises coming from Regan’s bedroom or felt an odd presence while walking through certain areas on set. Some even said they saw mysterious figures lurking in the shadows or felt their skin crawl whenever they stepped foot into certain sections—including the infamous staircase leading down to Regan’s bedroom!

All these paranormal occurrences have led some to believe that something sinister was at work behind the scenes during production of this classic movie.


Whether or not you believe in curses, it’s hard to deny that many strange events surrounded The Exorcist both before and during filming – events that remain shrouded in mystery to this day. Whether these events were caused by a supernatural force or simply coincidences cannot be determined conclusively; however, given how much influence this movie has had over popular culture for decades now, perhaps it’s worth considering whether or not something otherworldly played a role in its success!

Whatever your opinion may be on this matter, one thing is certain: watching The Exorcist will always leave you with plenty of questions – especially when it comes to why so many paranormal occurrences surrounded its production!