Vetis “Tempter of the holy”

vetisOnce an angel, the Demon Vetis came to know darkness all too well. During his time among the risen he was considered the brightest of the Angels in all of creation. Fallen, he decided to become something far worse than most other demons could have imagined. But he was one that, in their own twisted way, brought hope to his brethren.

Now only second to the morning star, Lucifer, himself, he has even exceeded him in his cunning and sadism. He spends much of his time trying to corrupt the holiest of humans. Turning them into what he has become. Be it corruption, manipulation, or worse… if believes that he exceeds well at his job.

His human “forms” are unknown as he can appear as anything. He peers into your mind to find your deepest and darkest desires and works to help you achieve that.

The Demon Vetis is a master at his as well as seduction, deceit, bribery, intimidation, and so on. He’s spent a lot of time getting to know the hearts of man in that he has the knowledge of knowing what they most desire… power.


Vetis usually uses names starting with D’s or G’s, and ending in ‘ed or ‘th. Somehow he feels his own name is unsuitable and ‘boring’.
Used names of Vetis: Gorigon, Dilith, Grjided, Girdinth, Drjin
As you can see, Vetis gets really creative with his names (sarcasm). Although, he rarely uses the same name twice. More names are possible, but these 5 are at least recorded by me.

If you attempt to ask Vetis his real name, he denies and denies, and usually will not tell you unless he is at the state of anger or frustration. This time he seems to always be weak, because this is, too, the time when you can easily banish him.


Vetis usually takes forms of large demonic figures, usually somehow associated with trees or wood (sometimes even dirt or other plants) and a sensation with dead bodies or heads. Occasionally he has multiple arms or legs, like a spider. Victims of Vetis’s wrath usually have splinters and bruises around there body. He also has connections of Medieval times or the past, and rarely shows visions of himself in modern environments.


Vetis, strangely, connects his sentences and words together to ‘rhyme’. Although his rhymes are evil and melancholy, he hardly talks without rhyming one or two words together. Vetis’ fascination with rhyming is unknown, but is probably associated with tempting his victims.


To some people, rhyming is soothing and fun, and may cause them to feel different about him and give in to his demands. YOU SHOULD NOT AT ANY TIME LISTEN TO HIM. Simply hearing him out could sway you to giving and and bring you under his control. He also attempts to try different approaches to get your attention. He usually begins acting very evil and cruel, showing images of violence or death. He later tries to talk calmly with you, rhyming away. He later argues and yells, and then attempts to reassure and sometimes even (yes, he actually holds his words) grants small bits of power making them full of energy and upbeat.

At that point, he tries to convince you to let him give you all his powers in which he would take over your body and control it leading you to suicide or homicide.

By this point, there is nearly no way to return to the world without him.