Dictionnaire Infernal – Collin de Plancy (1863) (paraphrased) 
Ribesal, aka Rubezal, is a specter at the summit of the Risemberg, according to the people of Silesia. He is responsible for suddenly covering the mountain with clouds and he excites tempers.


Reader Comments – thanks to Renata:
Hi, after reading through your website (which is very well done)I came to your Ribesal bit. I think you talk about Rûberzahl (German translation of a Czech word Krakonos). Rûberzahl is a supreme governor of the highest Czech mountains Krkonose (Rubersberge in German,I think) (which are actually not quite in Silesia but in Bohemia). Physically he varies, he can take any form he wishes from an old granny to a giant crossing his mountains with one step.

Historically his task kept on extending; bad demon causing storms and heavy snow, he evolved into a guardian of the poor people living in his mountains. It is said that he’ll test you any time to know whether your heart is pure (ex. meeting you as an old lady asking for help) and if you do, you’ll be shown the way to the treasures hidden deep inside his mountains. He punished the German landlords mistreating Czech people as well as any invaders.

He is hero of many films and even, a lovely TV series for children exists. Another thing,
there exists a place in the mountains of Krkonose called Krakonos’s garden (or Ruberzahl’s Garten in German but please keep to the Czech original)which is part of the myth. Whatever illness you may have, Krakonos may heal you with the plants from his garden. Today it is a protected area as many rare plants grow there.