Succubi, the Dreaded Counterpart of Incubi

Legends of creatures that visit people in their sleep have been around since ancient times, but none are as feared and revered as the succubi. Often depicted as beautiful women with wings who have come to take souls away in the night, these legendary creatures are said to be the female counterparts to incubi.

But what do we really know about them? Let’s explore the history and power of succubi.

History and Origin of Succubi

The word “succubus” is actually derived from medieval Latin, although it is a masculine form. This is because demons were believed to be sexless in those times. The feminine form is “succuba”, which means “she who lies beneath”—a reference to how they would lie on top of a sleeping person while they drained their energy. It was believed that incubi outnumbered succubi by 9 to 1, giving rise to many theories and legends about these mysterious creatures.

Cultural Beliefs About Succubi

In some cultures, such as Christianity and Islam, succubi were seen as evil forces sent by Satan to tempt people into sinning against God or performing other immoral acts. In other cultures, however, such as those found in the Middle East or India, they were seen more positively—as benevolent spirits that came to bring luck and fortune. Some even believed that having sexual relations with a succubus could bring great wealth or power.

Power of Succubi

It is generally accepted that succubi possess certain powers that enable them to manipulate people in their dreams. They can also drain the life force from sleeping victims using whatever methods they choose—including kissing or sexual intercourse—which can lead to fatigue or death if not stopped in time. Despite this dark side though, some believe that succubi are merely trying to fulfill a natural need for companionship in an otherwise lonely existence as non-corporeal beings.


Regardless of their origins or motivations, one thing is certain: succubi are powerful creatures with abilities far beyond our own understanding. While many fear them due to their reputation for kidnapping souls during the night hours, others may find solace in knowing that these mythical entities have been around for centuries and will likely continue influencing us long after we’re gone.

Whether you see them as malicious beings or a source of strength and guidance is up to you; either way, it’s best not to take any chances when dealing with them!