Sabnock, the Mighty Lion-Headed Soldier

The name Sabnock is a combination of two words – sab and nok. In Latin, the word sab means “sword” and nok means “to strike”. Together they make up a name that is more than fitting for this powerful figure in demonology. He appears as an armed soldier with a lion’s head, and is considered to be one of the mightiest demons to appear in literature today.

Let’s take a closer look at Sabnock, his powers, and why he is so feared among demonologists.

Sabnock’s Appearance and Powers

In most accounts of his appearance, Sabnock appears as an armed soldier dressed in black armor with a lion’s head on top. He holds a sword in one hand and has several rings on the other hand that can grant wishes upon command. He also carries two books that contain secrets of magic and spells that are purported to offer protection from evil spirits.

Additionally, some texts describe him as having wings or horns which may indicate his connection to angelic forces or demonic forces respectively.

One of Sabnock’s primary abilities is his power to create fortifications around castles that are impervious to attack by any earthly force or weapon. This ability makes him particularly useful for those who wish to protect their homes from invading armies or supernatural threats like ghosts or vampires. Additionally, he can build walls around cities and towns which help keep out unwanted intruders while also providing protection from natural disasters such as floods, storms, earthquakes, etc. He also has other talents such as being able to provide knowledge and understanding of alchemy and philosophy as well as being able to defeat dragons in battle if necessary.

Though he is often regarded as one of the most powerful demons out there today, it should be noted that it isn’t always clear whether Sabnock was created by God or man due to conflicting accounts about his origins. While some sources say he was created by God for protection against evil spirits others suggest he could have been created by man in order to gain magical powers for themselves or their causes

Either way, it’s clear that this mighty warrior still stands tall despite all odds against him!


Sabnock stands tall amongst many powerful demons in literature today; however, it isn’t always clear where he comes from or who created him (God or man). Regardless of where he originated from though it’s clear that this mighty lion-headed soldier holds many impressive capabilities such as creating fortifications around castles so strong they are impenetrable by any earthly force or weapon along with having knowledge of alchemy and philosophy plus the ability to defeat dragons if needed!

Though not all demonologists agree on his origin story, there remains no doubt that Sabnock is indeed one formidable beast! For fans of horror and fantasy alike, learning more about this mysterious creature can provide insight into what makes him so feared yet still respected among supernatural circles.

Goetia – S. L. MacGregor Mathers (1904) (quoted)

Sabnock’s Goetic Seal

The Forty-third Spirit, as King Solomon commanded them into the Vessel of Brass, is called Sabnock, or Savnok. He is a Marquis, Mighty, Great and Strong, appearing in the Form of an Armed Soldier with a Lion’s Head, riding on a pale-coloured horse. His office is to build high Towers, Castles and Cities, and-to furnish them with Armour, etc. Also he can afflict Men for many days with Wounds and with Sores rotten and full of Worms. He giveth Good Familiars at the request of the Exorcist. He commandeth 50 Legions of Spirits; and his Seal is this.