The Possession of Michael Taylor

In the small British town of Ossett in 1974, a strange and disturbing event shocked the local community. At a meeting of a Christian prayer group, Michael Taylor erupted into a fit of obscenities, acting as if he was possessed by an evil force.

Witnesses were horrified and terrified by the out-of-character behavior, but what could have caused such an outburst? Let’s take a look at this mysterious case.

The Accusation that Started It All

The possession began with an accusation made by Michael Taylor’s wife Christine at the prayer group gathering. She accused both her husband and leader Marie Robinson of having an affair. Both denied the accusation, but this seemed to be the spark that ignited Taylor’s crazed reaction.

He spewed obscenities and acted erratically, leading many to think he was possessed by some unknown evil force.

The Exorcism Attempt

In response to this bizarre occurrence, members of the prayer group decided to attempt an exorcism on Michael Taylor. They gathered around him to pray and recite biblical passages in hopes of driving out whatever had taken hold of him. But unfortunately, their efforts were fruitless; nothing seemed to stop his violent outburst or put him back into control over his own body and mind.

The Aftermath

Despite all attempts at exorcism, Michael Taylor remained in this state for several days until eventually calming down on his own accord. No one could explain how or why it happened, with some believing it was truly demonic possession while others were more skeptical about spiritual explanations for his behavior.

As for Marie Robinson who was accused of being involved in an affair with Taylor? She left town shortly after the incident took place — presumably never to be seen again.


What really happened to Michael Taylor in 1974 is still largely debated today – was it truly demonic possession or something else entirely? Whatever it was that caused this man’s unconscionable behavior has left us all with more questions than answers – but what we do know is that it served as a chilling warning against making unfounded accusations!

For horror fans everywhere interested in mysterious supernatural cases like these, this story serves as evidence that sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction!