Ronald Doe Possession – Inspiration of The Exorcist film

Ronald Doe was the inspiration behind the famous movie The Exorcist, the story of the horrific demonic possession of a 14 year old boy. The events were said to have begun sometime in the 1940s, when the boy’s aunt bought the boy a Ouija board and encouraged him to use it. After her death, Ronald was said to have attempted to contact her by using this, which is what set off the series of strange events. It began with footsteps being heard throughout the house and religious icons and artifacts being thrown about, and scratches appearing on Ronald’s body. The scratches would often include words being carved into his flesh without any real suspect to blame.

Ronald would often speak in tongues and levitate into the air. A priest was brought to exorcise the boy, with the ritual being repeated over thirty times before it was successful. When the ritual was complete, witnesses reported a strong smell of sulfur permeating the air. Ronald Doe’s name is unknown and has since been altered by the Catholic church to protect the boy’s true identity after these horrible events.