The Top Hat Demon


The Hat Man is a shadow person, or demon depending on your source, that has been reported all over the world. The entity is usually described as a tall shadow man dressed in a long black trench coat and wearing a wide brimmed hat or a fedora. He is distinctively male and witnesses say that he has no face or a shadowy blurred face.  Most shadow entities are usually seen for a moment or two before disappearing, but the Hat Man seems to be different often staying for a prolonged period of time and sometimes he even touches, chokes or assaults his victims.

Another aspect of the Hat Man that is eerie and more sinister than other shadow people is that the Hat Man is often associated with hostile environments, aggression and is sometimes an indicator that something evil will happen. Here is what the Strange Accounts website has to say:
“This seemingly dark presence is known to cause – or be attracted by – hostile environments and aggressive behavior. Those who see him are often witness to domestic disturbances and family breakdown, noting a tangibly negative atmosphere, sense of dread or hopelessness. For this reason, many have labelled the spirit a “demon”. An intelligent haunt, capable of both physical and psychological manipulation, the Hat Man may well be able to “oppress” those it comes in contact with, seeming to lend credence to this theory.”
The Hat Man also seems to take pleasure in the terror he causes and witnesses have reported the feeling that the Hat Man is somehow feeding off of their fear. Other witnesses have reported that the Hat Man sometimes has glowing red eyes or black featureless, solid eyes. Others have said that the Hat Man is a fallen angel or an angel of death and that he comes just before a death.