The Perron Family Haunting – A Real-Life Horror Story

Who hasn’t been fascinated by the dark and mysterious tales of ghostly hauntings? The Perron family haunting is one such tale that has captivated people for generations. The story began in 1971 when the Perron family moved into an old 18th-century house located in Burrillville, Rhode Island. Little did they know that their fresh start in the country was about to turn into a real-life horror movie.

The Unusual Phenomenon Begins

Soon after moving into the house, the family reported various strange phenomena occurring. They would hear strange noises, objects moving on their own, and even ghostly apparitions appearing at night. As time passed, the paranormal activity continued to increase until it reached a point where it was almost impossible to ignore any longer.

As word of the haunting spread throughout Rhode Island, many of the locals began to believe that it could be linked to a local legend involving an old woman who had been murdered by her son decades earlier. It seemed as though her spirit might still be trapped in the house and seeking revenge on anyone who dared enter her domain. Meanwhile, members of the Perron family were becoming increasingly frightened by their experiences and desperately hoped for some kind of resolution or explanation as to what was happening.

Finding Closure Through Investigation

In an attempt to find some answers, members of the family eventually contacted paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1974. After studying reports from both experts and eyewitnesses alike, Ed concluded that there were seven distinct entities present in the house – including a witch and a demon – all of which seemed intent on terrorizing anyone who lived there. He also believed that these entities had latched onto one particular member of the family – Carolyn Perron – using her as a way to control them all through fear.

Eventually, with help from both Ed Warren and local clergymen, Carolyn was able to perform an exorcism ritual which seemed to drive away most of the entities residing within her home; however, it remains unclear whether or not they ever truly left or just went dormant for a while until someone else unwittingly opened up their door once again…


The story of the Perron family haunting is certainly a chilling one; however, it serves as evidence that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to tales of ghostly hauntings! While we may never know exactly what happened inside that old 18th-century home in Burrillville back in 1971, we can be sure that this tale will live on for generations thanks to its unique blend of horror and suspense! For those brave enough to seek out more information about this story (and others like it), be sure to check out Ed Warren’s book “The Demonologist” for more details!