The Perron Family

The Perron family haunting started like any horror movie – the family moved into an old 18th century house (this one was located in Burrillville, Rhode Island) hoping for a fresh start in the country, but soon things took a wrong turn. After a few nights in the house, the mother, Carolyn, began seeing the ghost of a woman that had hung herself from their bedroom ceiling. Over the next couple of days, strange disembodied sounds could be heard throughout the house, doors would open and close by themselves and the family would often be woken up by invisible hands pulling them out of bed.

Things got worse when Carolyn began to act strange, speak in a demonic sounding voice, and displayed inhuman strength. The Perrons decided to enlist the help of paranormal investigators, who discovered that the house had a grim history – it had belonged to a witch, who sometime in the 18th century, had sacrificed her child to Satan and then hung herself as part of a strange ritual. Not only that, but the house had been home to a series of suicides and grisly crimes, the ghosts of which seemed to hang around to the day. The paranormal investigators unsuccessfully attempted to exorcise the demons out of Carolyn but were unable to. The movie The Conjuring, is loosely based on the family’s horrific experiences in this house.