The Legend of the Callicantzaros

Have you ever heard of the legend of the Callicantzaros? This ancient Greek folklore tells a dark and mysterious story about a creature that wanders the land every Christmas season. If you are brave enough to hear it, read on to learn more about this strange and spooky tale.

What is a Callicantzaroi?

The Callicantzaroi is an ancient Greek mythical creature that appears during the 12 days of Christmas. It is said to be a demonic creature with hooves instead of feet and horns on its head, and it can take many forms including that of an old man, an animal or even a large snake. During this time, the creature will wander around aimlessly in search of humans to torment. It will play tricks on them, lurk near their homes or cause mischievous pranks in order to scare them.

The Origins of the Legend

The legend dates back centuries ago when humans believed that spirits roamed the earth during certain times of the year. One such spirit was known as “Kallikantzaroi” which translates to “beautiful boy” in Greek. It was believed that these spirits brought good luck and fortune but could also bring misfortune if angered or disturbed. As time went on, the legend evolved into one about evil creatures who would come out during the Christmas season to terrorize people in their homes and villages until Epiphany (January 6th). This is why Greeks still burn logs on New Year’s Eve as a way to ward off these creatures as they anticipate their arrival each winter solstice.

How To Protect Yourself From The Callicantzaroi

Although these creatures are said to be just stories, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions against them! Some people suggest burning logs on New Year’s Eve as mentioned above, while others believe eating garlic or making loud noises can help keep them away from your home or property. However, if you choose to protect yourself from these mythical beings, make sure you do so safely!


No matter what your beliefs may be concerning this fascinating mythical creature, it is undeniable that the story has captivated generations for centuries. Whether you believe in its existence or not, learning more about the legend can lead us all into a world filled with mystery and intrigue – something we could all use right now! So let us remember this story during this holiday season and take comfort in knowing there are ways we can protect ourselves should we ever find ourselves face-to-face with one of these creatures! Hopefully, none of us ever have to though! Happy Holidays!